Elevating wealth management to a higher personal standard

At Apollon, we believe planning is the foundation for success. Because every investor is unique, every portfolio deserves a tailored plan. We work with multiple leading custodians to select the optimal mix of products and services for each investor. Together with our commitment to providing the highest level of personal service, we elevate wealth management to a higher standard.

People First.

The people we work with at Apollon New England are, well, people. They are not simply pools of assets or return assumptions or planning opportunities. Our clients are people with hopes and worries, passions and goals and they are full of good humor and good stories. Our work focuses on the values of our clients as human beings, and creating that type of relationship means that when we get into the details of planning and asset management, our process is tailored to what is most meaningful and impactful for our clients. This work is a partnership between clients and advisors, and we are committed to investing ourselves fully in that partnership to ensure we are providing advice and counsel that is beneficial, thoughtful and personal.

Financial Planning

Investment Advisory

Business Services

Each investor deserves two returns – peak investment performance and financial peace of mind.

At Apollon, we understand that our clients are investing more than dollars and cents. Everything we do is focused on each investor’s unique and personal situation in order to deliver a tailored wealth management plan. And as a fee-based firm without any allegiance to a specific investment, product, or insurance company, we build a cohesive, collaborative strategy to keep your interests above all else. It’s not just a fiduciary standard. It’s the Apollon standard.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

Providing the best advice often requires bringing the right experts and partners to the table to uncover opportunities, share ideas and execute on a particular strategy. Our network of professionals through our partnership with Apollon Wealth Management and affiliations with Merchant Investment Management, Fiducient and countless planning and investment professionals brings that expertise and intellectual capital to your table. Additionally, client’s individual professional advisors are integral to the success of your planning, and we take great pride in our relationships with our client’s attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers and CFOs. We strive to create a truly collaborative process with all members of the professional team; when we are working together towards reaching client goals, the results speak for themselves.

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